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Algorithm of system work
    There are five robots-autoassemblers operating in system (each one for its proxy type). They sort out dozens of thousands Internet resources daily looking for new proxies. All proxies found are immediately checked for anonymity. Their country of origin, connection speed, data transfer speed, ability to transfer REFERER, COOKIE, POST-requests are defined. Live proxies are added to the database on our site. The database is updated every minute. You can see it by the time of the latest update (on the left in the system statistics). Idle proxies are not added to the database. Live proxies are checked every 15-20 minutes. If any of them stops working (falls out) it’s deleted from the database automatically. This operational algorithm allows to keep actual proxy server lists all the time. On the left in the statistics you can see when the oldest proxy in the database (the one with maximum time of the last check) was checked.

Types of supported proxy lists
    - HTTP proxy – proxy working in HTTP protocol;
    - SSL proxy – proxy working in HTTPS protocol;
    - SSL/HTTP proxy – proxy working in both HTTP or HTTPS protocols;
    - SOCKS4 proxy – proxy working in SOCKS protocol of the 4th version;
    - SOCKS5 proxy – proxy working in SOCKS protocol of the 5th version.

Anonymity level is defined for every proxy
    - Transparent – proxy transmits your real IP-address;
    - Anonymous – proxy does not transmit your IP-address, but informs the final server that connection goes through proxy;
    - Elite – proxy transmits the request as it is, not showing your IP-address and not informing that connection goes through proxy.

Service features
    - Connection time is a time that passes from the beginning of connection attempt to a real set of connection;
    - Download speed is defined by downloading the test page (10 kb) through proxy. In this regard, downloading time is a period from the beginning of connection to disconnection.

Features proxy lists
    - SOCKS4/SOCKS5 proxies are used for any TCP/IP connections: HTTP, HTTPS, FTP etc. They can be used in browsers, download managers, FTP-clients, ICQ-clients etc. SOCKS protocol usually has elite anonymity level, sometimes it has anonymous level.
    - SSL proxies never transfer your IP-address and transmit the request as it is, that is they have elite anonymity level;
    - For SSL/HTTP anonymity level is defined according to the lowest level. That is if through SSL-connection proxy has elite level and through HTTP it has transparent level, overall anonymity level will be transparent;
    - HTTP, SSL/HTTP, SSL proxies are used mainly for browsing sites (HTTP and/or HTTPS).

Autoassembler operation
    If you’ve got software able to automatically take off proxies by the preset link, for these purposes during every proxy selection there automatically forms a link in the account, by which your autoassembler can constantly take off proxies. In this case proxy list will be in a simplified format: IP:PORT by the line.

How to start working with the site
    Proxy lists assignment services are paid. Fares for services are available in "Prices" section. Access to the closed section, where you can regularly see the lists, is performed by logging in to the account (in the lower left end). You need an access key to log in. Every key has its period of validity (from 6 hours to 60 days). In this period you can use the service without limitations. A countdown of time when your access key is valid begins when you log in to your account for the first time. After the key is expired, the access to proxy lists will be closed and the system will offer you to buy a new key. So, to begin work, you need a key – follow the link "Buy an access key" and pay the chosen fare. After that you log in to you account. In your account you can always see how long your key will be valid.
    After the logon click on one of five types of proxies (at the upper left in system statistics). The page with proxy table will open. You can change the view of the table to a simple list or to list divided by anonymity levels. Here you can set special parameters of proxy selection (country, list type, anonymity level etc.) and click "Select" button. After that the list will re-form according to new preset parameters. On this page after every selection you can see a number of your chosen proxies and a link for their constant export according to preset parameters. You can use this link (URL) in your proxy autoassemblers.

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