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Come to image with the bicycle

Ouch, the bad season is coming and so goodbye walks and runs in the park: how to lose weight doing indoor activities?


Cycling is extremely fun, and it’s a type of exercise that’s perfect for sculpting your body and staying in shape. Are we destined to lose all our training in the cold and hostile winter season? Of course not, we’re here to explain to you how to lose weight on your bike. Let’s say that it will take a lot of willpower: cycling on a bike in fact as well as being much more boring than cycling “for real” also involves a slightly lower consumption of calories. But with a good program know that slimming with the bike will be a matter of a short time. Depending on the intensity of the effort we can consume more or less calories, to start slimming with the bike seriously we should be able to consume at least 300 kcal per hour. Attention also to one thing: on the display of some machines appears the amount of calories burned, but the truth is that these detectors are often approximate: trust only the most modern ergometers from this point of view. Once you have established the minimum training rhythm from which you can start, now you need to understand a bit ‘more small issues, for example: what to do while pedaling? Being able to sit for an hour pedalling and staring at a vacuum is not so tempting. Our editorial staff recommends alternating between listening to music and watching TV, but with an important warning: be careful not to get too distracted, risking pedalling too hard or too slowly, thus thwarting the entire training.


Tactically arranged the TV or loaded on the mp3 player the most aggressive compilations, we now come to the real point of the matter. How to lose weight with your bike? So, the advice is to do at least 3-4 sessions per week – no more, at least not at the beginning – in which a one-hour session will be divided as follows: 10 minutes of warm-up (important to avoid trauma such as muscle tears and the like), 20 minutes of fast aerobic cycling, 20 minutes of maximum intensity, 10 minutes of fatigue. And afterwards? After, of course, stretching: whether you want to lose weight on your bike or simply strengthen your leg muscles, especially your quadriceps and calves, you can’t help doing post-workout exercises in which stretching will avoid painful cramps. All this seems very tiring and, let’s face it, even a bit boring: are there any tricks to “speed up” the loss of weight? Actually, yes. The editorial staff advises its loyal readers to train as much as possible in the morning on an empty stomach: not only will you burn more fat, but your metabolism will remain high all day long. Can’t you just do without breakfast? All right, but then you should be able to start pedalling no earlier than 4 hours after your last meal. Another trick is to buy a heart rate monitor to avoid getting out of your aerobic belt: it is true that many exercise bikes are now able to reveal your heart rate, but these are often extremely inaccurate readings.

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