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How to choose your snowboard

Choosing the right model of snowboard is essential to do sport in complete safety and comfort. The choice is dictated by various parameters, ranging from the physical characteristics of the person to the intended use of the board. So here’s how to proceed to a reasoned and intelligent choice!


When it comes to choosing the right snowboard the choice is difficult, but only apparently. You just have to take into account all the necessary features and get help, which is essential to invest your money in the best way, through the advice of the employees of specialized stores.

If you are preparing to make this purchase, here is where to start and what are the parameters to consider to make the right choice and to buy the most satisfactory snowboard for your needs.

First of all, it is good to know that on the market there are different sizes of snowboards, so that each instrument can best adapt to the body and physical characteristics of those who will use the board. The choice of board, and consequently its shape, also varies according to your level of experience, as well as your physical characteristics.

There are three parameters to consider in this case:

  1. The weight of the person

In order to choose the right snowboard, it is essential to choose the right size. The length varies according to the type of use, but also according to the weight/height ratio. The right length is in the middle; a board that is too long would be too difficult to handle and a board that is too short will not guarantee you safety and adequate support.

  1. The size of your snowboard boot

The board must be large enough to accommodate the boot and attachments. A board that is too narrow, in addition to the lack of comfort, induces the movement of the toes and heels during movement, thus increasing the probability of falls. A board that is too wide, on the other hand, would not guarantee the right sensitivity to the edges.

Generally, the models are available on the market in standard or wide versions, with a larger central width, so as to be compatible with any size of boot. For women, the choice is easier. All women’s boots are in fact specially designed to accommodate foot sizes up to 42.

  1. The type of use you want to make of the table

You must also choose your snowboard according to its intended use. There are at least three main fields of use, the most commonly used.

The first, for the more experienced, is the freeride, which provides off-piste activities in the presence of fresh snow. The second is freestyle, with the use of the board at the snowparks, while the third is jibbing, which provides for street sessions and rails.

Depending on the type of activity you intend to do, it is a good idea to get advice from the shops where you intend to make your purchase. In general, the minimum range in which to oscillate during the choice is 2 cm, more or less than the size that will be recommended.

The shapes of the snowboard can be two. The first is called the Shape, it is generally used by freestylers and has a wider spatula in the tail, which allows you to have a good grip in curves and a certain stability even at high speeds.

The second one is called Camber and is available in the flat version, to combine power and grip, in the reverse version, suitable for jumps and switches and in the Pow version, suitable for more experienced riders.

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