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Now is the right time for physical activity: what about running?

You’ve decided it’s time to take some time out for yourself: a great choice! Nothing beats doing a little physical activity in a society where we are often sitting, especially for work. A healthy diet and a bit of sport are the two essential secrets for your health.

You have chosen to run: another great choice! This is a physical activity that you can decide to do in company or alone, depending on your nature or, simply, how you feel day by day. You can practice it whenever you want, wherever you want and it has no time constraints or special costs to bear, unlike other sports activities. There are, however, some golden rules to follow, without improving yourself as an expert athlete, in order to have a good result and safeguard your well-being.

During the summer season choose not hot times to run: so the very early morning or late evening are the best times of the day. Too much heat could create imbalances and discomfort for you at a time when your heartbeat is accelerating. Always bring water with you, because hydration is one of the basic rules for being able to enjoy physical activity.

If you run in the city, avoid the busy streets: you’ll breathe too much carbon monoxide. If you are especially at the beginning, stay focused on your stride, which must have a correct movement, to avoid microtraumas to the foot: if you realize that running involves problems, rather walk at a fast pace. Breathing must be natural, never forced: the first few times it is better to pay attention to this aspect too.

Finally, clothing. Better to opt for an outfit that can be suitable for the perspiration of the skin: you will sweat and an unsuitable fabric, it could create erythema or similar annoyances. Shoes are the most important element. This is definitely the main investment you have to think about if you have decided to run: a wrong shoe can create problems to the foot and the performance of your run.

There are various types of tennis shoes, you need to analyze well which is the right product for you. For the beginner, Adidas running shoes are perfect for foot holding: they are also used by those who practice this activity both at a constant amateur level and at a professional level, so they can guarantee quality safety. Online and on the market you will find many options.

Now you’re ready to go down the street and concentrate. The route is right in front of you, your body is quick and ready to move. When you’ve finished your running session you’ll be tired, but satisfied, because you’ll know that you’ve done something for yourself and your health: all this is priceless.

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